Campus Security Assessment provides educational campus administrators and security professionals with a tool that will properly assess vulnerabilities and risks of university, college, and adult education.

This module combines the nation’s best educational campus assessment measures into one source for assessing the safety of school buildings and grounds.

It includes thousands of measures covering the various threats (human caused) and hazards (natural hazards) that may be introduced or exist in a region. Each threat or hazard is then measured for its consequences, impacts, and interdependencies to the school itself.

The school surroundings, school grounds, buildings and facilities, communications systems, building access control and surveillance, utility systems, mechanical systems, and emergency power are assessed for their vulnerabilities are touched upon in this module.


  • National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF) Assessment Guides
  • National Preparedness Guidelines (The Guidelines)
  • FEMA 426 (Mitigating Terrorist Attacks to Buildings)
  • FEMA 452 (Risk Assessments)
  • FEMA 386-7 (Mitigating Manmade Hazards)
  • FEMA 386-2 (Identifying Natural Hazards)
  • The Target Capabilities List (TCL)