The Asvaco™ Vulnerability/Risk Assessment and Port Facility Security Plan Solution are the most comprehensive available in the maritime industry. They are based on 33 CFR 105 and/or the ISPS Code and meet MTSA and other relevant requirements.

Asvaco™ provides its maritime clients with the option of either completing the assessment and Port Facility Security Plan themselves or of utilizing Asvaco’s expert team of assessors to complete vulnerability/risk assessments of facilities so that when required, data collected can be used to create Port Facility Security Plans specific to individual port facilities. Asvaco automatically produces the FSA and FSP and automatically generates mitigations.

Additionally, the Asvaco™ System automatically builds and populates Appendix A to Part 105 -- Facility Vulnerability and Security Measures Summary (Coast Guard Form CG-6025/6025A).


  • The Asvaco™ provides clients with top subject matter experts in the maritime industry for assessments, audits, standard operating procedures, Facility or Vessel Security Plans, and/or for general maritime security needs.
  • In conjunction with Assessments, QRC's can be created at the client’s request, which can be utilized in the event of a natural or man-made incidents.
  • The Asvaco™ System provides both efficiency and a cost advantage to the Facility or Vessel organization. This ensures that however the assessment is being done, either the ASVACO Team, the Security Officer (FSO) or Vessel Security (VSO), will be able to prepare and revise security plans, develop countermeasures to prevent security events, evaluate TWIC related requirements, improve emergency preparedness, conduct training to strengthen post-event mitigation, and assist clients with selection and implementation of appropriate countermeasures.
  • The Asvaco™ System is also available completely web based and deployed over the Internet (secured, encrypted, and PCII compliant). In addition, the Asvaco System gives you the ability to complete the Security Assessment over the Internet saving both time and additional cost.
  • The Asvaco™ System enables the user to get the job done efficiently and faster. The ASVACO Team or Security Officer can assign up to ten other team members to help collect data and answer questions. This unique “Force Multiplier” feature allows for instant access by your command center, supervisors, and security personnel to properly deploy human and physical security resources based upon probable threats or breaches.
  • Asvaco’s comprehensive approach provides a powerful and affordable software system that integrates with the Security Officer’s mission of providing a holistic security solution to meet both FSA and FSP requirements.
  • The Security Officer and other officials can easily determine security gaps that require attention through visual color coding that is aligned with the threat-level system adopted by the Department of Homeland Security or any other regulatory organization.
  • The Asvaco™ System allows the facility or any user the ability to incorporate their mission specific questions along with the regulatory requirements to create an assessment that is tailored to their specific needs.