Asvaco Team

We offer special teams of personnel nationwide who may assist in reaching your goals and easily reveal and understand possible vulnerabilities or threat levels.

Our team has more than a century of experience covering such fields as corporate and private sector training, software engineering, public and private security, military, research and development, law enforcement, and leadership.

Personnel creates operational planning documents, vulnerability assessments and aggressor behavior patterning with enough substance to interest any stakeholder. Our team can accomplish a surprising number of assessments and analysis, covering the entire spectrum of wide area propagation (large area of terrain) to small offices in a building.

Service List

Asvaco's Team together with our industry leading Asvaco Software assure top performance for our clients. Our Team is battle tested and has an excellent track record.

The Team's credibility includes:

  • Extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, military intelligence, US Coast Guard and private security.
  • Experience with a wide variety physical security needs of our clients in such areas as campus safety, CCTV camera placements, counter terrorism and others.
  • Completed assessments for government agencies including US Navy, US Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol division of DHS; US Secret Service, Local and county police departments and fusion centers.
  • Extensive experience with assessing security for large special events including Super Bowl, College Games, Parades, and the Academy Awards.
  • Extensive experience with assessing large private sector companies, shopping centers, and stadiums.
  • Extensive experience with assessing energy sector such as hydro electric power and dam.